SRT – Sports Rehab Tourniquet (Medium)



The new SRT has a few new features:


  • different cuff lengths
  • detachable pump for improved freedom during exercising
  • the pump is interchangeable across all cuff sizes




Please read the Product description below for more information and how to select the best cuff length for you.




Please note that we are no longer stocking the older version of the SRT. 





The new design means that you can select the correct length cuff for you.


Cuff Lengths (Sizes):


  1. Small = 43cm or less
  2. Medium = 74cm
  3. Long = 84cm
  4. Extra Long = 104cm


All cuff widths = 10cm


Anatomical positions to measure  limb circumference for cuff sizing:

  • Thigh = top 1/3,
  • Arm = mid position around bicep and
  • Calf = greatest circumference around gastrocnemius



For one limb purchase the cuff and pump combo.  Purchase another cuff to train two limbs simultaneously.


A new instructional video will be coming soon.


Pressure calculation


There are many variations to calculate pressure.  I set my pressures at 50% of arterial occlusion and found this to be a more accurate method that is specific to the user.  This is based upon calculating a theoretical arterial occlusion pressure. All you need is to be able to take blood pressure (I used an automated BP monitor) and a small tape measure.  I have an easy to use excel spreadsheet for you to download to use and calculate your own pressure. Download here: BFR Cuff Pressure Calculations



If you want to research (eg Google Scholar) articles on this type of training, use the following search terms:


Ischemic, tourniquet, KAATSU, Strength, training
Download User Guide here.




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Additional information

Weight 550.00 g
Dimensions 230 x 85 x 115 cm